Kinver Darts League

Important Notices

Please note that the April meeting will take place at the Royal Exchange not the KCA.

Please see following email received from the Cat darts team. This is not acceptable behaviour:

It is with great sadness that we feel we have to approach the league and complain about members of

our wonderful league. When the first round of the individuals were played at the Cat, some darts

players and their entourage felt the need to abuse the venue by being rude to staff members,

bringing in their own cans to drink in the venue, of which they then discarded around the gardens!

They were also smoking drugs. We feel that this is unacceptable as our team (along with many others)

would never treat a venue this way, therefore, we have taken this personally.

We would appreciate it if the league would do further investigations to distinguish the source of

this behaviour.

Kind Regards. The Cat Darts Team

The next league meeting will be on Thursday 26 April 2018

Match sheets must either be emailed or posted to

Andy Pitt.
5 Lindale Drive,

To arrive no later than the Sunday following the match otherwise a fine will be incurred.

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