Kinver Darts League

Jubilee Trophy

Bridge Bridge Bridge Bridge Bridge
Plough and Harrow Plough and Harrow
Green Man
Old Bush Old Bush Royal Exchange
Royal Exchange Royal Exchange
Queens Head Queens Head Cross Con Club
New Inn
Cross Cross
Mount Mount Con Club
Gate Hangs Well Con Club
Con Club


  1. Entry fee £1.00 per team.

  2. Best of 3 triples. Each triple best of 3 games. 701 straight start, double finish.

  3. First triple to be entered on a folded score sheet.

  4. Alternate throws for bull. Toss of coin in deciding game.

  5. If scores are level after both triples, an additional game will be played to decide the winner. Each side to consist of at least one player that has not previously played in either of the other two games. The other two players may have previously played but not in the same leg.

  6. All other matters as per league rules.