Kinver Darts League

Kinver Darts League Rules 2017 / 2018

  1. Teams shall consist of seven singles and three pairs, all players to be registered. Singles will be 301 up start and finish on a double. Pairs will be 501 straight start, double finish. Bull to count double 25, best of ten games. Players may play in both or either of the Singles and Pairs.

  2. The dartboard must be 5ft 8ins from the floor to the centre of the bull. There must be a raised oche with a throw in length of 7ft 9.25ins. Three darts to constitute a throw. All darts in the dartboard to count. New throws to be verified by two committee members prior to the league starting, using our standard equipment.

  3. Matches to be played on a Wednesday. Dartboards are to be opened at 8.00pm. Games will commence at 8.30pm by which time 4 players from each team, who must be present at the venue where the match is being played, are entered on the score sheet, home side first. The sheet to be folded. All teams to be completed by 9.00pm. Players must be present at this time at the venue where the match is being played. If team(s) are short of players, all available players must be entered in order and any end(s) must be forfeited at the end of the match. i.e. 7th end 6th end 5th end. If teams are short of players at 8.30pm the forfeited end(s) must be 4th end 3rd end etc. Method of scoring two points for a win. In the event of a draw, one point to be awarded to each team.

  4. Captains to appoint a caller out and a checker, the caller out shall shout the score only after three darts are thrown, which must be checked and marked on a visible score board. The above officials must watch players who must not be nearer than 7ft 9.25ins. Anyone over stepping the oche line “Foul” is called and the dart throw is lost.

  5. All players for league matches and all competitions must sign a registration form and be registered three days before playing. Registration fee of 50p per player. No player to be signed after (three days before) the commencement of the second half of league matches, with the exception of Landlords/Landladies. Any player who signs for more than one team, will be registered with the team they first play for. A player who signs for a team, which subsequently withdraws from the league, may apply to the committee for a transfer to another team.

  6. Any club playing an unregistered player or players registered with another club, to be fined £5 and lose the match 5-4 unless by doing so an unfair advantage is gained.

  7. Entrance fee for each team shall be £5 and £10 guarantee money that teams shall complete all fixtures, failing to do so £10 forfeited to league funds. All above fees to be paid at the Annual General Meeting.

  8. Each team must contribute £5 for each league match. These fees will be collected at the monthly league meetings.

  9. Home clubs will be responsible for sending result sheet to the fixtures secretary no later than 10.30pm on the Sunday following the match.  Any club failing to do so will be fined £5.

  10. Any club protesting, must deposit £10 protest fee, which will be returned if the protest is valid. Offending clubs may be fined. Protests to be lodged within 7 days.

  11. Any objection to the dartboard must be lodged immediately after the first game, otherwise void and match played to the finish.

  12. Teams who do not send a signed delegate to a committee meeting will be fined £20. This fine will be doubled if subsequent consecutive meetings are not attended. Offending clubs may appeal this in exceptional circumstances. Meetings will be held on the last Thursday in every month (December no meeting). Meetings to begin at 8.30pm with a 8.40pm deadline.

  13. Cups and trophies awarded in the Kinver Darts League must not be taken away from the Club or Public House from which the winning team plays and must be returned to the league in good clean condition at the end of the season. Teams not entering the league the following season must return trophies to the league before the league start date. Any trophy lost or damaged must be repaired / replaced by the winning team.

  14. Representatives from each individual team must register all teams at the AGM, and attend committee meetings i.e. “A” & “B” teams must have independent representatives.

  15. Individuals and Pairs competitions will have an 8.30pm start, which will also be the deadline time unless otherwise agreed and arranged.

  16. At the start of the second half of the season the bottom teams at the halfway stage will compete in the shadow league as well as the main league.

  17. The Individuals, Pairs and Ladies competitions will only be open to those players who have competed in at least three league or cup matches as a Single or Pairs player before the 1st round of those competitions.

  18. Any team failing to turn up for a match without a good reason will be fined £5 and have 2 points deducted. The committee have the power to waive this if they believe the reason for not turning up is justified.

  19. In the event of the scores in a cup match being level after all legs have been played due to both teams not having enough players to complete the match, a single leg of 301 singles, double in, double out between a nominated player from each team to be played to decide the winner.

  20. One player may be substituted from the original registration in the first round of the pairs competition only. Once substituted the new pairing must play together throughout the competition.

  21. The committee has the power to deal with any matter not covered by the rules. The committee’s decision will be final.


  1. Entry fee £1.00 per team.

  2. Best of 4 pairs. Each pair best of 3 games. 501 straight start, double finish.

  3. First 2 pairs to be entered on a folded score sheet.

  4. Alternate throws for bull. Toss of coin in any deciding game.

  5. If scores are level after 4 pairs, an additional pair will be played to decide the winner. This pair must not have played together in the match.

  6. All other matters as per league rules.


  1. Entry fee £1.00 per team.

  2. Best of 3 triples. Each triple best of 3 games. 701 straight start, double finish.

  3. First triple to be entered on a folded score sheet.

  4. Alternate throws for bull. Toss of coin in deciding game.

  5. If scores are level after both triples, an additional game will be played to decide the winner. Each side to consist of at least one player that has not previously played in either of the other two games. The other two players may have previously played but not in the same leg.

  6. All other matters as per league rules.


  1. Entry fee £1.00 per team.

  2. Best of 7 singles and 2 pairs. One game 501 straight start, double finish.

  3. First 4 names to be entered on a folded score sheet.

  4. On neutral boards (semi-finals and final), alternate throws for bull to be observed.

  5. All other matters as per league rules.


  1. Entry fee £1.00 per team.

  2. Best of 3. 301 Double start, Double finish.

  3. Only team captains as registered with the league are permitted to play. No substitutes are allowed.

  4. All other matters as per league rules.